Watch the First Episode of Instagram’s Scripted Series ‘Shield5’

     February 1, 2016


It seems like everyone wants in on the original content game. At one point, “everyone” seemed to mean Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and similar streaming services, but now it even pertains to, as it turns out, Instagram. What’s next? “Emmy-nominated Instagram series”? We’re not there yet, but the social media platform today released the inaugural installment of its first scripted series.

It’s called Shield5 and it comes in 28, 15-second-long installments. The first one dropped today at 12 p.m. EST, with the others to be released throughout the month on a daily basis. Anthony Wilcox (Agent Carter) co-created Shield5 with writer Adam Dewar (North Atlantic), and it follows a security driver in London named John Swift. After he’s arrested for his involvement in a diamond heist, which led to the death of a colleague, he goes on the run to clear his name.

Watch the first 15-second installment below:

You might be wondering where you’ve seen the lead actor, Christian Cook, before. If so, you’ve probably also seen Lifetime’s Witches of East End, because that’s where he’s from. He came in for Season 2 as the long-lost warlock brother of the family. (Editor’s Note: worth noting, he’s also in the Crackle series The Art of More, and in Ricky Gervais‘ underrated movie Cemetery Junction). In addition to the first episode (if you will) of Cook in action, Instagram released a wanted poster for his character. Other photos like this will be released in conjunction with the series, as they provide crucial information to the corresponding episode.  


Wallis Day (Casanova), Kieran O’Brien (9 Songs), and Joseph Mydell (Woman in Gold) also feature, among others.

London. Present Day. Security driver John Swift is arrested for his involvement in a diamond heist and subsequent death of a colleague. Determined to prove his innocence, he finds himself on the run from both the police and those he believes have framed him. Embroiled in a perilous game of cat and mouse, will he be able to evade capture long enough to uncover the truth?