Demi Adejuyigbe’s New ‘9/21’ Video Is Here to Save Us All

     September 21, 2020

Hey, everyone, happy Monday, have you noticed at all how 2020 has been an unrelenting shitstorm where a global pandemic collided with arguably the most divisive political era of all time to create an endless hell-loop from which there is no escape? That’s the bad news! The good news is that any single drop of positivity is a balm for the soul that we can glob on like koala to a eucalyptus tree, and it doesn’t get much more positive than comedian Demi Adejuyigbe‘s annual ode to September 21st, a.k.a. the night Earth, Wind, and Fire explicitly stated was changing the minds of pretenders. Folks, today is September 21st. You know what that means. You know damn well what that means.

Reliable as always, Adejuyigbe topped himself once again. My dude hired a whole-ass plane. However! 2020, as always, comes with a twist. The real point of this year’s video comes after the credits, when Adejuyigbe reveals he will only keep up this holiest of American traditions if we can raise $50,000 across five charities: Street Watch LA, SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, BlackRoots Alliance, Trans United Fund, and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. This is good. Do this, either at those links or at this handy link, which will spread your donation across all five organizations. (That link actually keeps crashing because of the influx of traffic, but they’re keeping an eye on it.)

Also, vote on November 3. Do it for Earth, Wind, and Fire. Do it for America.

Watch the latest video below, and donate right here. And hey, for “fun”, the rest of the 9/21 videos are below, too. Happy procrastination. Please vote.

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