Set Photos from BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Starring Aaron Eckhart

     December 23, 2009

Some new set photos from Battle: Los Angeles have popped up online.  They’re not bad for set photos when you consider one of them shows a mushroom cloud going up.  That’s slightly better than an actor in costume leaving their trailer.  I guess that’s the true power of mushroom clouds.  Oh, and they’re the effect of an explosion killing thousands upon thousands of people.  That’s also one of the things they’re known for.  There’s also a photo of Aaron Eckhart in costume looking like a bad-ass.

Here’s the official plot synopsis so you know what causes mushroom clouds and bad-ass Eckhart: When unknown forces put the City of Angels under attack, it’s up to a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his new platoon to come to the rescue. As the invasion hits the streets of L.A., the Marines become our first and last line of defense against a highly powerful enemy. Bridget Moynahan (I, Robot), Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar) and Michael Peña (World Trade Center) co-star alongside an ensemble cast including Ramon Rodriguez and Ne-Yo.

So mushroom clouds and bad-ass Eckhart.  What more do you need?  Hit the jump to check out the photos.  Battle: Los Angeles is slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2011.

The mushroom cloud photos come courtesy of manwithscaryspouse [via io9] who notes that the explosion came when production exploded a bus.  While manwithscaryspouse doesn’t elaborate, I’m sure that bus deserved it.

The photo of Eckhart comes courtesy of U.S. Marine Jonathan Hoff [via /Film]  According to Hoff, the photo comes from a day when they were filming in “Camp Horno in the 53 area of Camp Pendleton.”


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