Set Photos of Jackie Chan Training THE KUNG-FU KID

     September 17, 2009

The first set photos are up for “Kung Fu Kid”, and I don’t see an Italian teenager from Recita anywhere in them.  I guess young Jaden Smith will suffice.  Click the jump to see if Jaden can master the crane, or if Jackie Chan will teach him how to do chores that do not apply to self-defense.

“Kung Fu Kid” is a loose remake of the “The Karate Kid,” which is arguably the best 80s teen film that wasn’t directed by John Hughes.  I would call it a sports film, but best non-John Hughes 80s teen film seemed much more complimentary.  It starred Ralph Macchio as the teenager in peril Daniel Larusso, and Pat Morita as the iconic Mr. Miyagi.  This new film stars Jaden Smith as Dre, and stepping in as his mentor is Jackie Chan as Mr. Han.

The film will not take place in California, nor any other State in the Union.  It will be set in Beijing, China but will use similar plot ideas as the original film.  Smith moves to Beijing with his mother (being played by Tajari P. Henson, who was the best part of last year’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”), where he encounters the bully element, and will be taught how to defend himself from a martial-arts master.

I’m relatively indifferent to this project, but can give anything with Jackie Chan at least consideration.  It has some interesting, and inspired casting; and appears to be making a decent attempt to segregate itself from “The Karate Kid.”  However, I doubt Bananarama will appear anywhere in the soundtrack, and that’s already one major strike against it in my book.

You can see a couple photos below and click here to see the rest.

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