Seth Green Talks about His Directorial Debut While ‘Comic Book Shopping’

     May 28, 2019

Comic Book Shopping is back, and this week welcomes Seth Green in honor of his directorial debut, Changeland. Comic Book Shopping is hosted by Collider Heroes’ Coy Jandreau and gives guests the opportunity to tap into their inner comic book fan by spending some time browsing the racks at local comic book shops in Los Angeles. Past guests have included David HarbourMichael RookerMichael GiacchinoFrank Miller, Zachary Levi, and many more industry heavyweights.

You’re likely well aware of Green’s work over the years including roles in movies like Can’t Hardly Wait (a personal favorite) and Rat Race. Or maybe it’s his runs on iconic TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Green also has a significant amount of voice work on his resume from Family Guy to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and so much more. And then, of course, Green not only lent his voice to various characters in the Robot Chicken series, but he also co-created, wrote, produced and directed the stop motion animation TV show for Adult Swim. But now it’s time for Green to break new ground. 

seth-green-comic-book-shoppingChangeland is Green’s very first go behind the lens of a live-action feature film. He also stars in the movie alongside Breckin Meyer as estranged friends Brandon and Dan, respectively. While the two are reconnecting during a trip to Thailand, they wind up meeting a whole bunch of curious characters including a pair of tour guides, honeymooners, and a boat operator played by Macaulay Culkin. You can catch Changeland in select theaters and on VOD on June 7th. And while you wait for the movie’s big debut, give Green’s episode of Comic Book Shopping a watch using the video player at the top of this article!

Here is the official synopsis for Changeland:

Directed by and starring Seth Green, the film follows two estranged best friends on a life-changing adventure in Thailand. This epic trip reminds them that there’s no problem that friendship and a few rounds in a Muay Thai boxing ring can’t fix. Also starring Macaulay Culkin, Breckin Meyer (“Robot Chicken”), and Brenda Song (“Station 19”).

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