Seth Meyers’ Final Quarantine A Closer Look Features Ethan Hawke, Jon Hamm and Amy Schumer Cameos

     August 21, 2020

Seth Meyers will be following in the footsteps of NBC colleague Jimmy Fallon when Late Night with Seth Meyers moves back into their 30 Rock studio for the first time since March. But I have to be honest – this show has kind of thrived during quarantine. It wasn’t immediate, but Meyers and his team found a really playful groove for Late Night from home, with Meyers recording from his house (and currently his in-laws’ house) and writers like Amber Ruffin joining in from their respective homes. The lack of audience allowed Meyers to move faster, and I feel that quick pace for the jokes suited his style incredibly well.

I’m curious to see how and if anything the show has learned through quarantine carries over into the studio (where there still won’t be an audience for quite some time), but for their final show from home, the terrific segment A Closer Look took a wonderfully weird turn.

Below, you’ll see that before Meyers gets to some very solid Steve Bannon burns, this A Closer Look segment serves as an ode to bits and jokes from throughout quarantine with some fine cameos from Amy Schumer, Ethan Hawke, Jon Hamm, and of course Will Forte as the old sea captain who become a recurring bit when Meyers relocated to his in-laws’ place. It’s ridiculous and funny and incredibly silly – all the things that make Late Night with Seth Meyers the best late night show on television.

Check the segment out below. And for more from Seth Meyers, check out my extended exclusive interview with him from earlier this summer about his SNL days and filming Late Night under quarantine.