Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler Do a New “Really!?!” on the Coronavirus

     April 3, 2020


Late Night TV has gotten really interesting in the wake of Coronavirus. Obviously, that’s small consolation, but I’ll take whatever consolation I can get these days. Mike Ryan over at Uproxx had a good article about how the lack of production values has forced late night hosts to lean on their personal strengths, which makes their shows more unpredictable and vivacious.

You can see a good example of that in Seth Meyers‘ recent interview with Amy Poehler. While the interview itself seems like something that also would have fit into the regular show in non-quarantine times, there’s a looseness about it that just makes the interview feel more personal and less polished. You feel like these entertainers you admire are just coming together for a nice chat rather than a celebrity with something to sell telling the same charming story they’ve told to every other interviewer.

Of course, when Meyers and Poehler come together, you’ve got to get a “Really!?!” segment. This one deals with the ridiculous claim from decaying toad husk Mitch McConnell saying that Trump would have been able to deal with the coronavirus epidemic if he hadn’t been consumed with impeachment. It’s good to know that even in these troubled times, Mitch McConnell can still keep making weak sauce political arguments rather than actually working to find solutions and help the country. Anyway, Meyers and Poehler let him have it, which is enjoyable in its own right.

Then you’ve also got them talking about Poehler’s kids are watching Parks and Recreation for the first time, and she’s discovering she doesn’t really remember the plot of the show. That may seem bizarre at first, but keep in mind that even though folks like Poehler work like hell to create a great show, they’re not like fans who make it part of their regular rotation and binge it on a regular basis.

Check out the Late Night with Seth Meyers clips below to start your day off right.