Watch: Seth Meyers’ Interview with Timothy Olyphant Goes Delightfully Off the Rails

     October 7, 2020


Despite making a name for himself playing stoic characters like Deadwood’s Seth Bullock or Justified’s Raylan Givens, Timothy Olyphant has a pure chaotic streak in him that can be seen in his performances in Scream 2, Go, A Perfect Getaway, The Girl Next Door, and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Olyphant was a guest on Seth Meyers’ show last night, where he completely thwarted any attempt at having a normal conversation.

Olyphant, filming remotely from his own living room, appears onscreen wearing a Van Halen jersey and a Panama Jack hat, which is our first signal that absolutely nothing is going to go smoothly for the next several minutes. Meyers tries to introduce the segment by reminding Olyphant that their interviews together usually begin with the actor interrupting him, at which point Olyphant interrupts Meyers to disappear offscreen and noisily fix himself a cocktail. Meyers good-naturedly rolls with the bit while trying to get Olyphant to pivot to the new season of the FX anthology series Fargo, which ostensibly is what Olyphant is there to promote. This does not happen. Although Olyphant does eventually whip out a list of talking points FX provided him with to discuss the show, he doesn’t actually get to any of them.

The pandemic has turned the entertainment world on its head in many ways, one of which is the upending of the traditional late night talk show format, which has become the wild west. Olyphant is riding a whirlwind of 2020 chaos, and I encourage everyone to watch the clip below. For those of you who actually want to know more about Fargo Season 4, click here to read Collider’s review.