Watch: Seth Meyers Breaks Down the First Presidential Debate

     September 28, 2016


Did you watch the Presidential Debate on Monday night? Considering that it was the most-watched televised debate in history and that those numbers don’t even account for PBS, C-SPAN, and online viewing, chances are that you did. While most pundits and viewers seem to agree that Hillary Clinton bested Donald Trump in their first head-to-head debate, there’s still plenty of room for comedy. Enter Late Night with Seth Meyers, which has been crushing it this election season.

In this installment of Meyers’ terrific recurring segment, “A Closer Look”, Meyers goes through the expectations game of the debate, in which Clinton was expected to be perfect to the point of not coughing and all Trump had to do was look halfway human, to the ups and downs of the actual debate, to the post-debate spin where Trump argued that he had won in online polls that don’t even exist.

Check out the video below. It will be interesting to see if Meyers does “A Closer Look” for all of the upcoming debates, or if it’s just for this one since it was the biggest. I guess it depends on how much more ridiculous this political season can get.