Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz Exclusive Video Interview THE GREEN HORNET

     January 11, 2011

With Sony’s The Green Hornet arriving in theaters this weekend, I got to sit down with the cast and filmmakers on the Sony lot a few days ago.  Since I spoke to so many people, I’m breaking up the interviews and posting a new one every day this week.  Yesterday I offered you my video interview with Jay Chou (Kato), and today I’ve got Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz.

One of the many things I love about Seth Rogen is how honest he is.  Unlike some celebrities that are careful to say all the right things and never engage in any controversy, if you ask Rogen a question, he’ll tell you exactly how he feels.  So when I sat down with Rogen and Diaz, one of the many things I wanted to know was their thoughts on the buzz for their film.  Rogen gave me a great answer.  On top of that, we talked about the rehearsal process, their chemistry, what Michel Gondry brought to the film, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch the interview:

Finally, I thought The Green Hornet was great, so make sure to see it this weekend.  You can watch some clips here.

Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz

  • Since they’ve done so much press, I start off by asking what do they want to talk about
  • I ask about the negative buzz online and what has it been like to hear it knowing they made a great movie
  • Lots of laughter….
  • The rehearsal process and finding their chemistry
  • What did Michel Gondry bring to the movie


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