Seth Rogen on a GREEN HORNET Sequel: ‘Not Any Time in the Foreseeable Future’

     September 25, 2011

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With Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet taking in almost $230 million worldwide (before home video), it is one of those films that could easily get a sequel.  After all, studios are always looking for franchises, and I’m sure Sony was hoping Green Hornet would be a big enough hit that everyone involved would want to make another one.  So when I sat down with Seth Rogen for 50/50 at the Toronto Film Festival, I asked about the status of a Green Hornet sequel.  He told me:

“Not any time in the foreseeable future.  It’s just not something we’re interested in right now.  It’s a lot more fun to make cheaper, much dirtier movies.”

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Green-Hornet-movie-image-seth-rogenWhile I would never say The Green Hornet was a home run, I thought Rogen’s take on the material was inventive, and director Michel Gondry delivered an awesome, over-the-top third act.  Basically, I would be down with a sequel.

However, with a budget of $100 million and change, I can also understand why everyone involved might want to walk away, as the worldwide box office wasn’t exactly stellar.  It’s also a lot easier to make cheaper movies that don’t have to make hundreds of millions of dollars to make a profit.

Saying that, would you want to see a sequel to Green Hornet?  Let me know in the comments.  Here’s Rogen’s answer.  Look for the full interview for 50/50 in the next few days.  If you haven’t heard me say it, 50/50 is one of my favorite movies of 2011. Definitely recommended.


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