Seth Rogen Unveiling GREEN HORNET Car The Black Beauty on Wednesday Night at Comic-Con

     July 21, 2009


Okay, at this point, if Sony doesn’t have some kind of Hall H-“The Green Hornet” surprise at their panel on Saturday (Sony also has a panel on Friday but that’s going to have “District 9” and Peter Jackson so they don’t really need it as much as they need a big finish after “Zombieland” and “2012” on Saturday), I’ll be surprised at their lack of providing a surprise.  I say all this because the studio just announced that at 8:30PM tomorrow at the Sony Booth #4313, star Seth Rogen will unveil the car from his upcoming film “The Green Hornet” – the Black Beauty.  You know, because the exhibitors floor isn’t ridiculously crowded already, it’s definitely a good idea to put Seth Rogen out there where he’ll be devoured by adoring fans.

While there’s no word yet whether fellow Comic-Con attendee (for “Kick-Ass”) and recent “Green Hornet”-joiner Nicholas Cage will be doing any “Green Hornet”-related events, I wouldn’t be surprised (until I saw it, squealed like a little schoolgirl, and blogged about it as quickly as possible).

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