Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Team Up for R-Rated Comedy at Universal

     July 22, 2011


Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are now attached to star in an untitled comedy scripted by Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien (producers on Funny People).  The writers sold the R-rated pitch — described as similar in tone to Old School — to Universal tonight following a bidding war.  Things reportedly came down to Universal and New Line.  Universal paid a steep price to acquire the Rogen/Efron package: Cohen and O’Brien will earn 7 figures and Rogen will net more than $8 million as star/producer.  Evan Goldberg (The Green Hornet) will produce with Rogen through their company Point Grey Pictures.

According to Deadline, Rogen will play “a regular guy who lives near an alpha male fraternity house.”  Efron will play “a member of the fraternity, whose raucous behavior wreaks havoc on the other guy’s family life.”  It’s definitely not the most obvious pairing.  You could think of that as Rogen’s M.O. after Pineapple Express and The Green Hornet.  (Or I may be reaching.)  Ideally, the filmmakers can capitalize on the contrast, especially since both stars appear to be playing against type.  I will always root for a movie created by a fellow Brendan.

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