Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz Talk SEX TAPE, Being Fearless When it Comes to Comedy, Playing a Couple in a Healthy Relationship, and More

     July 15, 2014


Opening this weekend is the comedy Sex TapeCameron Diaz and Jason Segel play a married couple who film a sex tape to spice up their love life.  Their video is accidentally uploaded to “the cloud,” which sends the couple through a series of hijinks to prevent everyone they know from seeing the video.  Ellie Kemper, Rob Corddry, and Rob Lowe co-star in director Jake Kasdan‘s follow-up to Bad Teacher.  For more on the film, watch the regular or red-band trailer.

A few days ago I landed an exclusive video interview with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel.  They talked about being asked a lot of inappropriate questions while promoting this movie, how they’re both fearless when it comes to comedy, why Segel won’t do “mean jokes,” playing  a happy couple in the film, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz:

  • T-shirt talk
  • When you do a movie called Sex Tape does that allow people to ask you a lot of inappropriate questions?
  • How they’re both fearless when it comes to comedy and have they ever been asked to do something and they’ve said no?
  • Segel explains why he won’t do “mean jokes.”
  • How they play a couple in a happy and healthy relationship which is part of a growing trend in movies.

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