The Sexiest TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

     February 14, 2020

People watch Netflix for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes you want The Irishman and sometimes you want The Ridiculous Six. Sometimes it’s a nature doc night and sometimes it’s all about true crime. And sometimes, it’s all about setting the mood — after all, Netflix and Chill didn’t become a common colloquialism for no reason! If you’re Netflix and Chill is becoming more of a Bing-Watch and Chill, we’ve got you covered with the steamiest, sexiest shows on Netflix right now.

Fair warning, that doesn’t mean these shows are straight-up sexy all the time. Many of them are campy or soapy thrillers, some are inventive fantasy or quiet, dialogue-driven dramas, but some of them get downright dark and weird along the way. But they all feature standout love scenes, heightened sensuality, or a good old-fashioned love-triangle to set the mood.

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