Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Raises $2.3 Million for ‘Doctors Without Borders’

     August 24, 2020


Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online recently concluded its week-long 24-hour speedrunning marathon, raising a total of $2.3 million raised for Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières. The event was broadcast on Games Done Quick’s Twitch channel, with more than 107,500 peak concurrent viewers. Looking for VODs? An archive of SGDQ 2020 can be found on the official Games Done Quick YouTube channel:

Since 2010, Games Done Quick has raised more than $27 million for charities around the world, including Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Direct Relief, AbleGamers, and Organization for Autism Research. But even COVID-19 can’t stop GDQ! This summer’s event was all-online, something the organization has been building towards over the last few years with plenty of online events taking place between major fundraising drives. That’s going to continue. The next GDQ events will be Frame Fatales‘ “Fleet Fatales” taking place November 15-21, 2020 and Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 taking place January 3-10, 2021. Mark your calendars now!

About Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons. These events feature high-level gameplay by speedrunners raising money for charity. Games Done Quick has teamed up with several charities in its 10-year history, including Doctors Without Borders and Prevent Cancer Foundation. To date, Games Done Quick has raised over $27 million for charity. For more information, please visit

For more information about Games Done Quick, please visit

About Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters, and exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries. MSF teams include doctors, nurses, logisticians, water and sanitation experts, administrators, and other medical and non-medical professionals.

For more information visit

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