SHAUN OF THE DEAD in LEGO Form Now Closer to Reality

     April 3, 2012


Back in December, we shared some swell photos of a one-of-a-kind LEGO set that LEGO-fied the characters from Shaun of the Dead.  At the time, the prospects of the set becoming a reality were grim given that LEGO doesn’t necessarily make sets based on R-rated zombie movies.  However, one thing LEGO didn’t anticipate was the persistence of one Simon Pegg.  In order to even be considered by LEGO, a project must reach at least 10,000 supporters.  Pegg lobbied hard on Twitter to make this a reality, and last Saturday “the Winchester project” finally reached the numbers needed to submit to LEGO.  Hit the jump for more, including video of Pegg talking about the sets on Conan.

The designs (by Flickr user Yatkuu) will now be evaluated by an internal review at LEGO, in which the commercial and ethical (psh) feasibility will be considered.  I don’t really see the need for an internal review because 1. These sets will sell like Dorito Tacos, and 2. What’s unethical about a ragtag group of individuals besting the odds and surviving a zombie apocalypse?  It’s an inspirational story for the ages!  Also, zombies.

If you missed the sets the first time around, we’ve included the images below.  And if for some reason you’ve yet to see Edgar Wright’s classic, I must insist that you make Shaun of the Dead the very next movie you watch.  Here’s a clip of Pegg talking about the Shaun of the Dead LEGOs on Conan.




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