‘Shazam!’ Adds ‘It’ Star Jack Dylan Grazer

     December 7, 2017


Remember IT? It might be worth watching Andy Muschietti‘s smash-hit horror movie again if only for the performances of the film’s excellent young cast members. One member of the Losers Club, Jack Dylan Grazer‘s asthmatic hypochondriac Eddie Kaspbrak, has banked a new role off of his breakout performance. He’ll be heading to the DC Comics’ movie Shazam! in a supporting role.

As Deadline reports, Dylan Grazer will star opposite Zachary Levi in the title role and Asher Angel as the pint-sized version of the hero, Billy Batson. Playing “Freddy”, Dylan Grazer will portray Billy’s sole friend who knows about his powerful abilities. But if we’re pulling from the comics here, Dylan Grazer’s character will likely be Freddy Freeman, a character who has some pretty wild adventures, encounters and origin stories as a junior superhero in his own right over the years. No further details were available.


Image via DC Comics

There’s every chance that Freddy will simply be a childhood pal to Billy and possess no powers, alter egos, or hidden abilities of his own, especially since the audience will likely need an everyman anchor in this story rife with wizards and transformations and incredible superpowers. Then again, Shazam! could embrace its comic book insanity and introduce Freddy in a similar fashion: In various versions of Freddy’s story, with only slight differences, a battle between Captain Marvel and Albrecht Krieger who’s also known as, wait for it, Captain Nazi, throw Freddy’s life for a loop. While fishing with his grandfather Jacob, the Freemans go from innocent bystanders to victims of this battle with Jacob dying in the aftermath. Freddy is ultimately rescued by Captain Marvel, but when the best healthcare available still can’t save his life, the superhero resorts to some pretty extreme measures in order to keep his friend alive.

This may not be the way the live-action movie plays things out with Freddy and Billy, but it’d certainly be a way to tug at the heartstrings and connect both the superhero and childhood storylines of the title character. It could even lead to a future team-up for Freddy and Billy if all goes well…

David F. Sandberg will direct from Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke‘s script, with Peter Safran is producing. Filming is expected to start next year.


Image via DC Comics

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