Just Watch This ‘Superman’/’Shazam!’ HBO Max Video Until the Very End

     May 29, 2020


It’s been an eventful week for HBO Max, the new premium streaming service that includes, among other things, a litany of DC content for comic book fans to enjoy. So what did David F. Sandberg, director of DC film Shazam!, do to celebrate his film being available for streaming for the whole world? He took it upon himself to “improve upon” a key scene. And the results… are just absolutely worth your time.

In the final moments of Shazam!, there’s a silly mid-credits scene where Shazam (Zachary Levi) actually brings Superman to his friend’s elementary school cafeteria, making good on a one-off promise earlier in the film. But Sandberg frames the shot so we don’t see Superman’s face. Which means we don’t get to see Henry Cavill’s face, mustached or otherwise. I found the moment very silly and meta-textually fun when I first saw it in theaters. But since then, Sandberg has been getting tons of flak from fans asking him to reedit it so Cavill is there explicitly — all talk bolstered by the fact that the #SnyderCut is actually happening, and Cavill might be in talk for more Superman films.

So, Sandberg did it. As fans of his know, he’s been extra creative this quarantine, and has previously posted some silliness involving his film and the HBO Max interface. But what he wound up doing to this scene, and the way he seamlessly edited it so it looks like it’s actually on HBO Max is… breathtaking. I don’t want to spoil any part of this slice of non sequitur comedy gold. All I will say is… Henry Cavill is in the scene now. You simply must experience the rest yourself. It’s the perfect laugh to cap your Friday, I promise you.

Check out Sandberg’s comic insanity below. For more from the filmmaker, here he is explaining some wonderful low-budget prosumer filmmaking tips.


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