New SHERLOCK Image Teases Christmas Special Throwback

     July 8, 2015


We Sherlock fans have been desperate for anything to be thrown our way regarding the upcoming Christmas special and fourth series. A new photo today from BBC One is the second in two years. Give us some more love, Moffat!

The image shows John Watson (Martin Freeman) — whose mustache game is strong — as well as Sherlock Holmes himself (Benedict Cumberbatch) in their throwback costuming for the special, which will take place in Victorian London (a la the original Arthur Conan Doyle novels). And is it just me, or is Cumberbatch giving some strong Dracula-esque vibes here? Is it just the slicked back hair and the hint of a widow’s peak? Or the look like “I will take you to my mind palace and …” what was I saying?

There are still no real details about what the special will entail, though series co-creator Steven Moffat has said, “The special is its own thing.” We wanted to do this, but it had to be a special, it had to be separate entity on its own. It’s kind of in its own little bubble.” Whatever it is, can it hurry up already?

The Christmas special will debut, obviously, at the end of this year, with the fourth season of the marvelous and enchanting series hitting the UK around the same time. There’s no date yet for exactly when that will happen, though, or when it will be coming to the U.S. But, be sure to check back on Collider after the Sherlock panel at Comic-Con on Thursday for more information and updates on the series as we know them.


Image via PBS