Entertainment Tonight Visits the Set of SHERLOCK HOLMES 2

     January 18, 2011


With filming on Sherlock Holmes 2 currently underway, the production is opening up the set to various outlets.  Last week, we reported that Hero Complex had seen some filming of a set piece and now Entertainment Tonight is getting to see what director Guy Ritchie and company have in store for the sequel.  For those who want to avoid spoilers on what ET saw, I’ll simply say that Holmes is having even more fun with disguises in the sequel and that his dress-up accompanies what could be a thrilling action scene.  We also get a brief look at new cast member Noomi Rapace in action.

Hit the jump to check out ET’s set vision.  Sherlock Holmes 2 stars Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Jared Harris.  It’s set to open on December 16th.

Via Entertainment Tonight:


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