SHE’S ALL THAT Remake in the Works at The Weinstein Company

     April 8, 2015


My initial reaction to the She’s All That remake news was something along the lines of, ‘What?! Why would anyone want to remake that of all films?’ But, on second thought, it could be fun to see The Weinstein Company and Miramax put a fresh spin on the story and tailor it to a modern audience.

In case you’re not a 90s kid or missed out on this unforgettable high school classic for whatever reason, the original stars Rachel Leigh Cook as Laney Boggs, a “scary and inaccessible” loner who wears glasses and – gasp! – overalls. When the big man on campus, Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.), insists that he can make any girl prom queen, his buddy Dean (Paul Walker) challenges him to do just that with Laney Boggs in six weeks.


Image via The Movie Database

According to TheWrap, Kenny Leon is attached to direct the remake and Spike Lee’s wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, will produce. Leon’s stuck to TV movies since his feature debut back in 2002 and the She’s All That remake will mark Lee’s very first full producing credit. TheWrap reached out to both companies for confirmation, but TWC made no comment and a Miramax rep said there’s no deal in place at the moment.

If they are in fact moving forward with this, they better have a unique approach to it. A rather obvious option could be going from She’s All That to He’s All That, especially now that the industry is especially high on strong leading ladies. However, simply adapting the story to modern times, giving the characters iPhones and swapping Zack’s hacky sack for whatever the kids are into nowadays (sigh) could do the trick.

No matter what route they take, as someone who still watches the original more than I care to admit, I’m certainly curious, and I’m especially curious to see if this becomes a new trend. Perhaps remakes of 10 Things I Hate About You and Can’t Hardly Wait could be next.

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