Shia LaBeouf Exclusive Video Interview at the SURFS UP Premiere in Hawaii

     May 27, 2007

Tomorrow I’ll be posting all of my video interviews from the Hawaiian premiere of “Surf’s Up.” But while I have some great stuff coming, I wanted to give you a quick teaser tonight.

For me the red carpet highlight had to be my asking Shia LaBeouf an Indy 4 question and seeing the reaction he gave me. I don’t think anyone had asked him something other than can you talk about it or the normal stuff so when I asked him something specific that also happened to be true… let’s just say the smile was pricless.

And before you watch it I have to say once again thanks to Sony for the invite to Hawaii. It was an amazing experience and one I won’t soon forget. I’ll be posting pictures, interviews, and a lot more over the next few days so check back!

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