Sigourney Weaver Talks AVATAR Sequels and GHOSTBUSTERS 3

     September 17, 2011

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At this weekend’s press day for Abduction, Collider was able to speak with Sigourney Weaver, who plays Dr. Geri Bennett in the film. Bennett is a 30-year CIA operative and therapist to Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner), a teenager who realizes that his entire life is a lie after a team of trained killers tracks him down, leaving him with no one to trust.

But, since that film doesn’t open until September 23rd, we’ll hold what she had to say about it until closer to the release date. In the meantime, we did get a chance to have her update the status of the Avatar sequels, which she will return for, and Ghostbusters 3, which hinges on Bill Murray’s involvement. Weaver did say that, although she hasn’t read a Ghostbusters script, she did ask Ivan Reitman to have her character’s son grow up to be a Ghostbuster and he agreed. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

sigourney_weaverQuestion: Are you excited about James Cameron being back to work on the next Avatar film?

SIGOURNEY WEAVER: Yeah. And now we’re going to do two more, back-to-back.

How will you return? Didn’t your character die?

WEAVER: Really? That’s an interpretation. You saw something happen to me, but as [Cameron] says, “In science fiction, no one ever dies.” But, we’ll talk another time about that.

How do you choose your roles, at this point?

WEAVER: I love to mix it up. I have five movies coming out. I play a vampire in Amy Heckerling’s movie, Vamps. I did the Oren Moverman film with Woody [Harrelson], that used to be called Rampart, but I’m not sure what they’re calling it now. I did Red Lights with Cillian Murphy and Robert DeNiro. It’s directed by Rodrigo Cortes, who did Buried, and this is his opus. It’s about the paranormal, and Cillian and I play a professorial duo who go around debunking psychic phenomenon, including Robert DeNiro, who is a psychic entertainer. What’s exciting to me is the gamut of what I’m offered. There’s no logic behind it, as far as I can see. People just often need something or someone. Often, it’s a man’s part and they go, “Too much testosterone in the movie. Let’s throw in another element.” The role in Abduction was a man’s part. The role in The Cold Light of Day was a man’s part. As a feminist, I go, “Yes, we’re taking over!” It’s good because women are playing these roles in real life, and I’m very happy to represent women in these other kinds of roles, even if they’re villains.

Wasn’t your Avatar role also for a man?

WEAVER: Yes, I think it was.

Sigourney Weaver GhostbustersIs there any update on Ghostbusters 3?

WEAVER: I was hoping you could tell me. I guess Bill [Murray] hasn’t read the script yet.

Would you do it, even if Bill said no?

WEAVER: No, I don’t think any of us would do it, if Bill said no. Why would we do that? I think the whole point is to get together and have fun.

So, it’s all riding on Bill?

WEAVER: Yeah, and he probably loves that. No, I think he’s just been busy. He’s over in England playing Franklin D. Roosevelt. That’s what I heard, anyway.

Can’t you call him up and put some pressure on him to read the script?

sigourney_weaver_WEAVER: I would never do that! I don’t think that works with Bill. I did actually ask him about doing The Guys, so called the 800 number and left a message, but when he doesn’t respond, you know that he’s not interested. It’s actually a pretty good system. I envy him, in a way. No email, no phone calls, no agent. I don’t know what he does. He doesn’t do any of that.

Do you have any idea where the story would go?

WEAVER: I haven’t read the script. They were working on it. I talked to Ivan Reitman and I said, “I only have one request, and that is that my little son, Oscar, would grow up to be a Ghostbuster,” and he said, “That’s already done!” So, I don’t know anything about it and, frankly, I’m glad because I don’t want to get attached to doing it, if Bill is not going to come through. We’ll see what he wants to do.

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