Gina Prince-Bythewood Says Sony’s ‘Silver & Black’ Movie Is Trying to Get the Script Right

     June 1, 2018


Earlier today, we learned that Sony pulled their upcoming superhero movie Silver & Black from their release schedule.The Marvel Comics adaptation, which teams up the female characters Silver Sable and Black Cat in their own adventure, had previously been dated for February 8, 2019, but with the film had not yet rolled into production. The release date shift came ahead of the theatrical release for Venom, which marks the studio’s foray into non-Spider-Man superhero movies, and the decision left fans wondering if it might indicate a change in plans for Sony’s growing superhero lineup (especially considering Silver & Black was set as “unlisted” rather than simply pushed back).

However, it turns out that Silver & Black is still alive, but the studio and filmmakers are “going back to the drawing board” to start over and refine the project. Collider’s Christina Radish spoke with director Gina Prince-Bythewood today about her upcoming Marvel series Cloak & Dagger, and we got some updates on what the release date news means for Silver & Black.


Image via Relativity

Prince-Bythewood explained that the film hasn’t been dropped, but the parties involved want to make sure that the film is “as good as it can be”, even if that means they have to wait a little longer to get in front of the camera.

“With Silver and Black, when you’re doing a film of that magnitude, it’s gotta be right. And if it’s not right, we actually collectively decided to go back to the drawing board and start over. That’s gonna take time. So obviously, I’d love to be shooting right now, but to be shooting something that I know is not as good as it can be, I’m not the type that wants to shoot something you’re rewriting, as you’re shooting. So, we have to get the script right, and I’m okay to wait. I may be shooting something before that, but it really is just get the script right before we go on that journey.”

Prince-Bythewood also commented on the differences between making a Marvel project for TV and film; specifically, how everything becomes “magnified” when you’ve got a feature film budget on the line.

“I guess I would say, on the film side, everything is magnified. It’s a lot of money. That’s why, if you’re gonna spend that much money, let’s make sure that we’re telling a good story. There’s more voices and more money, and it’s just a bigger sandbox. Marvel Television is doing such cool, innovative things. It’s really exciting to start there, and things that I learned on that, I will absolutely bring to the bigger sandbox.”

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