Simon Pegg Exclusive Video Interview – RUN FAT BOY RUN

     March 24, 2008

If you’ve been reading Collider or any movie website, you probably know how much everyone loves Simon Pegg. But if you’re one of the few that haven’t seen “Shaun of the Dead” or “Hot Fuzz,” you really need to get to a video store and buy those movies. After watching, you’ll understand why cyberspace has a thing for this Brit.

Anyhow, opening this Friday is Simon’s new movie “Run Fat Boy Run.” The story is Dennis (Simon Pegg) was at the altar and about to marry Libby (Thandie Newton), his pregnant fiancée. He suddenly gets cold feet and decides to run for it. Year’s later, when Dennis discovers Libby’s hooked up with high-flying-go-getter Whit (Hank Azaria), he realizes it’s now or never. He decides to enter a marathon to show he’s more than a quitter but then finds out just how much sweat, strain and tears it takes to run for 26 miles. Nobody gives him a chance but Dennis knows this is his only hope to more than a running joke.

So to help promote the movie, I was able to interview both Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton this morning at the Los Angeles press day. While it sometimes takes me a few days or even weeks to post an interview…these are as fresh as they can be.

And even though I’m famous for asking people questions about future projects, since I did that other interview with Simon only a week or two ago and we covered all his future projects like “Star Trek,” we decided to use the time to promote his new movie.

Also – and this is very important – to fully enjoy this interview you need to have a bit of background. When I recently interviewed Martin Lawrence for “College Road Trip,” he gave a shout out to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright for “Hot Fuzz.” If you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest watching it here. Trust me, it makes this interview that much better…especially the end of it….

Finally, if you’d like to watch some clips from “Run Fat Boy Run,” click here. And with that….here’s Simon!

Simon Pegg

  • What does he want to talk about…

  • David Schwimmer movie true or false

  • Working for David

  • What did Simon write on the film

  • Filming in London talk

  • When did he make this film

  • Was he surprised by the success of the film in London and what it’s like to promote something months later in the USA

  • Thandie Newton and practical jokes

  • Since he is only 1 of 9 people to be in both Star Trek and Dr. Who I ask what that’s like.

a recent picture of Simon reading a magazine he’ll eventually be on the cover of…

someRun Fat Boy Run photos

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