‘The Sims 4’ to Address “Visual Issues With Current Skin Tones” in New Updates This Year

     August 12, 2020


Simmers come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and complexions. EA’s franchise, The Sims, debuted back in 2000 with a suite of semi-realistic avatars intended to mimic the appearance of their real-world players, or at least give those players the option to design an avatar they wanted to play as. But over the last 20 years, it’s largely fallen on the Mod community to refine The Sims appearance options, especially when it comes to skin tones and hair styles for people of color.

A new petition may be about to change all that; hat tip to Polygon for the heads up. Currently sitting at 85,000+ on its way to 150,000, the petition to add new swatches for skin tones and a color wheel for refinement of tone and vibrancy seems like common sense; there’s already a color wheel in the game for pets, as the petition rightly points out. So while The Sims 4 debuted in 2014, it wasn’t until 2018 that EA added new darker skin tone options. But Simmers maintain that there’s much more to do, including fixing these current skin tones and adding new ones. Executive Producer / GM of The Sims, Lyndsay Pearson agrees, and said as much in a video message posted to social media.

Pearson’s message starts out, after the now commonplace wellness check for any and all readers, as follows:

I want to address a topic that is very near and dear to The Sims. Inclusivity is at the core of The Sims franchise. From the beginning, we set out to let you build Sims that look like you, or people you know. And we understand it doesn’t feel like we’re truly living up to that promise.

It’s good to know that the higher-ups behind The Sims are listening. Now we’ll just have to see how quickly they’re able to move and deliver on those promises. Stay tuned!


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