Morningside Options Comic Book SINBAD: ROGUE OF MARS for Film Adaptation Due in 2012

     January 20, 2011


Morningside Entertainment has optioned the comic book Sinbad: Rogue of Mars for a film adaptation, targeting a 2012 release.  Morningside produced the Ray Harryhausen Sinbad films of yesteryear — The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958), The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974), and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977).  Bluewater Productions actually launched Rogue of Mars as a continuation of Harryhausen’s Sinbad trilogy, so there’s more than a hint of Ouroboros in this adaptation.

According to Variety, Paul J. Salamoff will script the new Sinbad film, which Morningside hopes might kickstart a new trilogy.  As promised by the title, the comic transports the heroic sailor to Mars.  Hit the jump for a synopsis.

He’s sailed the seven seas and explored unknown lands, fought countless monsters and battled evil wizards, but Sinbad’s newest adventure may be the greatest, and most dangerous, he’s ever had! Eight years have passed since the assassination of the benevolent Zhar Dadgar and the curious disappearance of his heir.  Akhdar, Dadgar’s villainous nephew, has usurped the Dozhakian throne and enslaved the Azurian people, igniting a civil war within the once peaceful kingdom.  A prophecy foretells the coming of a stranger from a distant land who will vanquish the false king and restore the rightful ruler to the throne.  Could Sinbad be that stranger, or is he merely a pawn in Akhdar’s treacherous game?

For good measure, here’s the trailer for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.  “See the dance of the cobra woman, and feel her deadly slithering embrace!”

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