Action Franchise Based on the Life of Sir Isaac Newton In Development

     June 7, 2012


Producers Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) and Gene Kirkwood (Rocky) are looking to turn the life of Sir Isaac Newton into an action film for the new studio BiteSize Entertainment, which was unveiled during the Cannes Film Festival this year.  Though known primarily through his work describing universal gravitation and the three laws of motion (and apocryphally as the man who had an apple fall on his head that lead to these discoveries), what is less known about Sir Isaac Newton is his time spent both as chief detective and head of the British Mint, a position the famous scientist held for the last 30 years of his life.

It is this latter period that Cohen is looking to base his original screenplay on.  The movie will be paired with a graphic novel detailing Newton’s life, which will also be overseen by Cohen to help booster the film’s profile.  For more on the little-known eccentricities of Sir Isaac (such as his pirate-like personal coat of arms) as well as the future of BiteSize films, hit the jump.

Given hissir-isaac-newton strange and fascinating life, it’s surprising that a Newtonian featured film has yet to have been made, but an action flick?   When thinking of some of Cohen’s other projects (xXx and the upcoming Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry as two examples) the word “enlightenment” doesn’t quite register.  Still, there’s something of an Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter vibe to the project that intrigues.

Variety reports that BiteSize’s upcoming slate will include the dramedy Mad Dogs and Englishmen, starring Colin Firth as Noel Coward, and a feature film on Rebekah Brooks, based on the Vanity Fair article “Untangling Rebekah Brooks” by Suzanna Andrews, both of which could be relatively promising.

As for Sir Isaac, the most influential physicist ever (or the second-most, depending on your feelings about Einstein), one can only hope he will be afforded the dignity that a 17th century mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, theologian – and, apparently, action warrior – of his ilk should.

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