Six New AVATAR Photos Before Today’s Trailer Premiere

     August 20, 2009


And you thought you’d have to wait till 7am PST to see “Avatar.” Nope. 20th Century Fox has pre-empted their own “Avatar Day” super mega event to show us a few screens of the new movie. We’ve got six new screens with the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, and that mean chick from “Lost.” You should check them out after the jump. I’m serious.

“Avatar” is serious too, if these shots are any indication. No one is happy and they all have their hands on their hips, looking off camera. If you didn’t know, having your hands on your hips with a concerned face is the universal movie sign for “awe shit, something big is going down.” We may still know next to nothing about “Avatar,” but we can safely say they’re all pissed off about something.

Check out the new images below.  “Avatar” will hit theaters on December 18th.  The trailer premiers later today.







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