SKINS Star Kaya Scodelario Lands the Lead Role in WUTHERING HEIGHTS Adaptation

     April 4, 2010

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In what isn’t the most eloquent of Twitter announcements, Kaya Scoledario shared in less than 140 characters on her account [via The Playlist]

“im gonna be in the new Wuthering Heights film! as cathy! should probs read the book… start filming next month,cant wait!”

That was actually kinda painful to copy/paste that–mainly because of the word (er, “word”) “probs”.

Andrea Arnold, who came out of Cannes last year with a Jury Prize for Fish Tank, is set to direct the adaptation of the classic Emily Brontë novel, though the male lead, Heathcliff, has yet to be cast.  But as Ms. Scoledario notes, filming is just a month away, so I’m sure we’ll hear soon.  More after the jump:

Kaya Scodelario  (2).jpgDespite her grammar, I do rather like the young Scodelario as Effy Stonem on the ridiculous (but entertaining) British teen soap, Skins.  Her storyline in the most recent season was absurd enough that I forget if she’s a good actress, but she definitely has a strong screen presence.

The casting rumors for Heights have been a revolving door of impressive names up to this point with Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Abbie Cornish, Carey Mulligan, Ed Westwick, and Michael Fassbender all circling the lead roles at some point.  Scodelario only recently turned eighteen, indicating that they’re leaning young.  And while you probably have Twilight to thank for that, it is truer to the novel according to this detailed timeline, in which Cathy is 18 at her eldest.

According to the same timeline, Heathcliff is twenty years older than the Cathy he romances.  While that would be an excellent direction to take in a modern context, it looks like they’re not going down that road if this casting call is to be believed.

Description: 16-24 years old
Genuine Romany Gypsy/ South Asian/ Mediterranean/ Indian/ Mixed Race Appearance
Ideally from Yorkshire
No experience necessary

Description: 15-21 years old
Pale skinned, fair haired, feisty.
Genuine Yorkshire actress preferred. Light Yorkshire accent required.
No experienced necessary.

Now there’s the Twilight influence for you: ages 15-24 only, please.  Picture Christian Bale, at the character-appropriate age of 34, opposite Scoledario.  Now there’s a movie!

On a mostly unrelated (but very eighties) note, check out this Kate Bush video for “Wuthering Heights”.  Hope they find a way to work it in.

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