Exclusive ‘Skylanders Ring of Heroes’ Video Reveals Gameplay Mechanics, Tips and Tricks

     December 6, 2018


Skylanders fans will get to play along with Spyro and his pals in an all new mobile RPG, Skylanders Ring of Heroes. We have an exclusive early look at the upcoming game to share with you today, courtesy of Com2uS and Activision. In this video, players will get a chance to take a look at gameplay mechanics, a walkthrough of the basics, and a preview of just some of the fun the game has to offer. You’ll get to see how characters stack up against each other, how their abilities work, and even how to take on other players in PvP mode!

In Skylanders Ring of Heroes, fans of the franchise will get to explore an original story with over 80 different Skylanders characters. Since each of them has an element with its own strengths and weaknesses, players will need to combine these with character-specific skills to turn the tide and get the win. This new video teases some of those combos as well as the battle scenes, bosses, and more from the mobile game. And this is just the first video in a series of previews that will be rolling out until the game’s official launch!

Check out the Tips & Tricks video for Skylanders Ring of Heroes:

Those of you who check out this video and register early will be one step ahead of the competition when the game becomes available. But if you still need to see some more to get hyped for the tame, take a look at the previously released trailer for Skylanders Ring of Heroes below:

For more on the game, be sure to visit its official page and Facebook page. And for more on all things Skylanders, check out some of our recent write-ups linked below:


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