23 Austin Filmmakers to Remake Richard Linklater’s SLACKER in Honor of Film’s 20th Anniversary

     May 3, 2011


The Austin Film Society and The Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are getting 23 Austin filmmakers to remake Richard Linklater’s acclaimed 1991 film Slacker in order to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary.  According to the Austin Film Society [via The Playlist] “Each scene will be recreated, using the original dialogue and locations (whenever possible), and individual scenes will then be compiled to create the remake, presenting the city’s changing face while showcasing some of its most exciting talent.”

The production is currently accepting donations to the project, which is set to premiere on August 31st.  Hit the jump to check out a list of the participating filmmakers and click here to donate.  I’m usually not interested in remakes, but this seems like a really cool project and I’ll be curious to see how it plays out.

slacker-movie-poster-01Here’s a list of the filmmakers and teams involved in Slacker 2011:

Miguel Alvarez
Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
AFS Film Club
Austin School of Film
Bradley Beesley
John Bryant
Bob Byington
Mike Dolan
Sam Wainwright Douglas
Jay Duplass
Chris Eska
Paul Gordon
Amy Grappell
Duane Graves & Justin Meeks
Berndt Mader
Geoff Marslett
Spencer Parsons
PJ Raval
Bob Ray
Reel Women UT Chapter
Elisabeth Sikes
Karen Skloss
Ben Steinbauer
David & Nathan Zellner

And for those unfamiliar with the original film, here’s the synopsis:

Richard Linklater’s Slacker presents a day in the life of a subculture of marginal, eccentric, and overeducated citizens in and around the University of Texas at Austin. Shooting the film on 16mm for a mere $23,000, writer/producer/director Linklater and his close-knit crew of friends eschewed a traditional plot, choosing instead to employ long takes and fluid transitions to create a tapestry of over a hundred characters, each as unique as the last, culminating in an episodic portrait of a distinct vernacular culture and a tribute to bohemian cerebration. Slacker is a prescient look at an emerging generation of aggressive nonparticipants, and one of the keynote films of the American independent film movement of the 1990s. [Amazon]

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