SLEEPAWAY CAMP Eyed for Franchise Reboot

     October 31, 2013


The 1983 horror film Sleepaway Camp would likely have been resigned to the catacombs of copycat slasher flicks were it not for a disturbing and shocking final scene that cemented its place as a cult classic.  The success of the original spawned a number of sequels, but now Jeff Katz is looking to reinvent the source material for a new generation.  Katz optioned remake rights from writer/director Robert Hiltzik, producer Michele Tatosian, and actress Felissa Rose, who starred as the bullied teen Angela in the original film.  The remake seeks to pay homage to the psychosexual themes of the 1983 film while bringing a modern touch for today’s audience.  Speaking of the original Sleepaway Camp, Shout Factory recently announced that the film will make its Blu-ray debut in the spring of 2014.  Hit the jump for more, including the trailer for the original film.

Deadline reports that a remake of the original Sleepaway Camp is in the works.  The film has become known for its shocking ending, so I’d advise watching the original before doing any sort of research online.  It remains to be seen just how close the new version will stay to the original.  The horror remakes just keep coming, with Carrie currently in theaters, Evil Dead having opened earlier this year, a new Hellraiser remake in the works and Poltergeist due out sometime next year.  Oh, and a new Pet Sematary remake was announced just a bit earlier today!  Before the new Sleepaway Camp gets rolling, here’s a look at the original film’s trailer:

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