Yes, a Slender Man Movie Is Happening

     May 5, 2016


Word surfaced earlier this week that a Slender Man movie was in the works, and now THR confirms that this is indeed the case. As first reported by, a feature film based on the internet meme Slender Man is coming together, with Screen Gems in talks with Mythology Entertainment to produce a film version of the meme. Yes, we have reached the point where an internet meme is considered source material for a feature film.

The meme was created by Eric Knudsen on the website Something Awful, where he posted photos of children with a photoshopped creepy figure in the background that had abnormally long arms and a very odd face, built around the narrative that the Slender Man may or may not be responsible for the disappearance of said children and other terrifying acts.

Unfortunately, the meme also spurred real-life violence in 2014 when two 14-year-old Wisconsin girls lured one of their friends into the woods and stabbed her 19 times, claiming that murdering their friend would allow them to become “proxies” of the Slender Man. Thankfully the 12-year-old victim survived, and the perpetrators are currently in juvenile prison awaiting trial.

It’s unclear what kind of story the Slender Man movie aims to tell, and if it will address the real-life stabbings at all, but the image and narrative are undoubtedly creepy as all get-out. The script for Slender Man hails from David Birke (13 Sins), with Mythology’s Bradley Fischer, William Sherak, and Zodiac scribe James Vanderbilt producing. They’re currently on the hunt for a director with an aim to start production later this year, but this won’t be the first Slender Man-based feature to arrive—Irene Taylor Brodsky’s documentary about the Slender Man killings, Beware the Slenderman, is set to premiere on HBO later this year.


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