Tom Welling Says SMALLVILLE Ends Next Season

     May 19, 2010

Smallville slice logo

At last night’s party for Jerry Weintraub’s new book, “When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead”, hollywoodlife caught up with Tom Welling and he told them Smallville is definitely ending next season.  He said, “Season 10 of Smallville will be the last season.”  While many thought this would be the final season of Smallville as The CW moved the show to Friday night’s to die, the show managed to get decent ratings.

While I’m sure some fans will be sad to see the show finally end, there is a silver lining.  By going into the season knowing this is the series finale, the writers can arc out the season before they start filming the first episode and that means they can hopefully wrap up all the loose storylines and give Clark Kent a fitting send off.

I know as a fan of the show, I want to see him finally wear the suit and fly off into the horizon on that final episode.  I think if they do that, a lot of people will be very happy.