SMASH Axes Two Series Regulars from the Second Season

     May 22, 2012


Though NBC’s musical drama series Smash is coming back for a second season, not all of the regulars from the first season will have a role, and they’re probably not even allowed back for the chorus (musical jokes!). Raza Jaffrey, who played Katharine McPhee‘s fiance in the first season and Jaime Cepero, who played the despicable assistant Ellis, have both been axed from the second season. In addition, Brian D’Arcy James, who played Debra Messing‘s husband Frank and Will Chase, who played the Broadway musical star with whom she cheated, are also not going to return as season regulars. More after the jump.

Frankly, katharine mcphee smashthe exit of Jaffrey and Cepero couldn’t be better. Neither of the characters added much more than people to hate in the series, and they both seemed to be rather two-dimensional. Considering the way things worked out for each of them in the season finale, their exit shouldn’t be too hard to swallow. However, it’s interesting that James and Chase will not return considering the debacle Messing’s character found herself in at the end of the season. Her predicament will be difficult without either of them in her life, but I guess it all depends on how much story time passes between the first and second season.

However, THR notes that each of these four actors could return in the first couple episodes to wrap up their respective stories, they just won’t be season or series regulars anymore. I think the real disappointing news is that Emory Cohen, who plays Messing’s annoying son Leo, is still going to have a recurring role, despite the fact that his storyline is whiny, pointless and only serves to keep a younger demographic interested in the series (even though it doesn’t seem like it’s helping). Hopefully, some new cast members will spice things up enough that we won’t have to see him very often.

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