THE SMURFS Writers Return for THE SMURFS 2

     August 17, 2011


Never underestimate the power of kids. While all eyes were on Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens, Sony’s The Smurfs ended up being the film that brought audiences in in droves this July, raking in $35 million in its first weekend. Suffice it to say, kids the country over were begging their parents to take them to the movie with the little blue guys, and a large number of parents acquiesced. We reported last week that Sony had already slated The Smurfs 2 for August 2, 2013, and now THR reports that the first film’s writers have just turned in a draft for a sequel.

Writing teams David Stem and David Weiss and Jay Scherick and David Ronn began working on the sequel’s story back in the spring (a bit confident, eh Sony?), and Stem and Weiss then went off to write the actual script, which director Raja Gosnell and producer Jordan Kerner told Steve about in their interview back in June. So it sure sounds like things are off and running for the follow-up.

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