Watch: Super NES Classic Edition Ad Goes 90s, Reveals Rewind Feature

     August 22, 2017


We’re a little over a month away from the release of the Super NES Classic Edition, and while most pre-orders are already gone (Amazon and Best Buy put theirs up in the middle of the night), Nintendo is still promising that they’ll produce significantly more of the SNES Mini than they did of last year’s ridiculously popular NES Classic Edition, so even if you weren’t able to land a pre-order today, hopefully you’ll still have a chance to get one during this holiday season.

To further whet your appetite, Nintendo has released a 90s-style ad for the upcoming console, which highlights not only the great collection of games that will be available, but also shows off that while the front of the console looks like the original SNES, it actually flips down to show controller ports similar to what you have on the NES Classic and Wii, so that’s good news for those who want to buy extension cords (although Kotaku reports that the new controllers will have a five-foot-long cords as opposed to the frustrating two-foot-long cords gamers had to put up with on the NES Classic).

Additionally, the Super NES will have a “Rewind” feature, although it will be a bit convoluted since Nintendo is staying married to the idea of keeping the home button on the console. Basically, when you create a suspend point by hitting the reset button (like on the NES Classic), that game will then allow you to rewind. Different games will have different rewind lengths, so an RPG like Super Mario RPG will let you go back a few minutes while something like Super Mario World will only let you go back about 40 seconds. It’s…a step in the right direction.

Check out the Super NES Classic Edition ad below, and if you weren’t able to land an online pre-order due to being human and not a bot, you can still try to camp out for one when they hit stores on September 29th.

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