Adam Driver Returns as Awkward Kylo Ren in a New ‘Undercover Boss’ Sketch on ‘SNL’

     January 26, 2020


Adam Driver returned to Saturday Night Live last night to serve as host for the third time — and that wasn’t the only role the Oscar-nominated actor reprised during the show. During his episode, Driver returned to the world of Undercover Boss as his Star Wars sequel trilogy character, Kylo Ren.


Image via NBC

It’s been five years since Driver played Kylo Ren in an SNL “Undercover Boss” sketch. Previously, Driver’s Kylo posed as Matt, a technician on Starkiller Base. In the latest edition of the sketch, framed as a “Where Are They Now?” episode, Kylo poses as Randy, a Starkiller Base intern who once again absolutely fails to keep his cool and remain an undercover boss. Randy is just as moody as Kylo, using the Force to blow up a Starkiller Base admiral (played by SNL regular Beck Bennett) and multiple printers when they don’t work. He also wastes no time whipping out an “Okay, boomer” to try and get in with the other interns, but fails miserably. Even when Kylo, as Randy, tries to do some good and help out a fellow intern (played by SNL newcomer Chloe Fineman) realize her dream of becoming a TIE fighter, well, things end up going horribly wrong.

All in all, SNL‘s return to the world of Undercover Boss, as seen through Kylo Ren’s journey, paid off handsomely. It’s always fun to see Driver play the quietly furious, completely devoid of chill Kylo Ren especially in a situation that demands he stay completely chill and fly under the radar.

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