‘Saturday Night Live’ Will Delay Next Three Shows Due to Coronavirus

     March 16, 2020


It looks like NBC staple Saturday Night Live is joining the growing number of movies and TV shows currently in production opting to shutdown and delay the release of new material over coronavirus concerns.

Variety broke the news of SNL‘s shuttering per a source close to the show and the outlet. Neither NBC nor SNL have issued an official statement on the delay. The show was gearing up for a return on March 28 after a brief break with A Quiet Place II director John Krasinski set to host and Dua Lipa joining as the musical guest. It’s unclear what SNL‘s new schedule will be and it’s tough to make an educated guess at this time.

Unlike most TV shows, Saturday Night Live puts up a brand new show every week, with folks working behind the scenes to whip up sketches, film promos, and do live dress rehearsals to make sure Saturday’s show goes smoothly. Given the “in production” nature of SNL, it’s understandable this hit live sketch comedy show would shut down over public health and safety concerns. Add to this the fact New York City is quickly going into total lockdown mode, with movie theaters across the city just some of the many public spaces being shuttered, and it’s only natural that SNL would close down, too.

SNL‘s postponement is one of the two major announcements from NBCUniversal on Monday. Earlier in the day, Universal announced it would be sending currently theatrical releases The HuntThe Invisible Man, and Emma right to on-demand for rental on Friday, March 20. You can learn more about that news here.


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