Kristen Wiig’s ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue Is a Motherlovin’ Good Time

     May 10, 2020


The Saturday Night Live season finale and third at-home episode kicked off with an opening monologue from Kristen Wiig. There is probably no better way to kick off an episode of SNL than with a beloved alum popping up and Wiig definitely rose to the occasion with her Mother’s Day-centric opener.


Image via NBC

The monologue itself kicked off with Wiig jumping out of bed and changing into some very flashy evening wear, ready to make her SNL at Home debut. It’s evident the SNL team has finally figured out how to add some production value into their at-home episodes because Wiig’s portion of the season finale featured lots of fun graphics as she danced around her home while a new theme song played. From there, Wiig got intimate with us at she bundled up in her coziest sweater, snuggled up on a rug, and gave a shout-out to her mom ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday. Turns out, Wiig’s entire monologue was about Mother’s Day. While it was very sweet, it also captured the actor’s sometimes frenetic and chaotic comedic timing we’ve come to love over the years. In this writer’s opinion, it was way too short and needed to be at least double the length because it was so good to be hanging out with Wiig once more.

Ahead of Wiig’s monologue was yet another Zoom-related sketch (ugh), mixing both the awkwardness of a digital graduation ceremony with an appearance from Alec Baldwin as — you guessed it —  President Donald Trump. You can probably guess the gist of the sketch and it’s about as funny as you’d imagine it to be. Fingers crossed that when SNL returns (hopefully) later this year, they’ll be able to find a new celeb to play the president and Baldwin can put his Trump wig away for a while.

You can watch Kristen Wiig’s perfect Saturday Night Live opening monologue below. For more, check out recent SNL openers courtesy of Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks.