‘SNL’ Announces New Hosts & Musical Guests, Including Daniel Craig

     February 6, 2020


Live, from New York, it’s Benoit Blanc! Saturday Night Live just announced their next two episodes’ guest hosts and musical guests, featuring some returning favorites, smooth secret agent superstars, and one reunion of two key aspects of the objectively perfect John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch.

On February 29 (Leap Day!), we’ll see former SNL writer and current wildly attractive comedy superstar John Mulaney return to host the show, alongside musical guest David Byrne, formerly the frontman of the dopely influential Talking Heads, currently headlining the Broadway show American Utopia. When writing for SNL, Mulaney crafted iconic bits like, of course, Stefon. And since he’s come back to host, he’s delivered some of the show’s tightest, silliest, and most surprising sketches. Plus, his non-SNL career consists of some of modern comedy wildest, funnest programs like Documentary Now and the aforementioned Sack Lunch Bunch. And wouldn’t you know it: Byrne guest-starred on Sack Lunch Bunch, performing an utterly delightful song called “Pay Attention!” Will the two do a bit together on the show? We can only pray. Until then, enjoy this silly letter from Lorne Michaels that Mulaney shared in lieu of the hosting news bumping one of his stand-up dates.

The following week, on March 7, two figures from some of 2019’s most egregiously snubbed films come to New York to do their sketch comedy thing: Daniel Craig (Knives Out) will host, and The Weeknd (Uncut Gems) will perform. Craig will be promoting No Time to Die, his last foray as James Bond, and will likely be jumping at the bit to shake some of his sillies out (a mode, I’d argue, Craig is eminently more comfortable in). And lately, the Weeknd’s live performances have been nothing short of surreal 1980s masterpieces — I have no doubt he’ll be pulling out the stops for SNL. There’s no other way to say it: These two episodes sound great!

Check out SNL‘s official tweet below. For more on the long-running sketch show, here’s our ranking of the best Lonely Island sketches. Plus: a delightful cut-for-time sketch from master Will Ferrell.