Watch: Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions Gives Counsel to Judge Roy Moore in ‘SNL’ Cold Open

     November 12, 2017


It’s been what you might call a week. From rumors of Bob Iger making moves to purchase 20th Century Fox for the sweet X-Men rights within to the long-rumored allegations against Louis C.K. finally getting the spotlight following a sickening article in the New York Times, the last seven days probably saw stocks in cigarettes and booze skyrocket. And mind you, a fresh new 168 hours of hell awaits us all in about 11 hours time, ending with the release of Justice League in theaters nationwide.


Image via NBC

Amongst the hash of horror was the similarly grotesque allegations against Roy Moore, the Alabama court judge currently running in the senate race for the Republicans. The allegations alone are difficult to stomach and that was before a number of Alabama lawmakers and influencers defended his alleged behavior while simultaneously suggesting the entirety of the allegations are part of an elaborate conspiratorial plot. Defending Moore takes quite a lot of imagination, as does making fun of him in any genuinely funny way. And for all their recent missteps, SNL did a pretty good job of that very thing in last night’s cold open, which saw Moore (Mikey Day) meeting with both Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon). You can watch the sketch right below.

Here’s the Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions cold open:

While Alec Baldwin‘s take on our President grew tiresome almost immediately, the supporting characters in the Trump administration have proven a treasure trove for the sketch show’s main cast. McKinnon is still funny as the half-elf-half-aged-vampire Sessions, and Day’s take on Moore is pretty humorous, especially considering he’s about half Moore’s age at this point. The allegations against Moore and CK, as well as those against George Takei and Harvey Weinstein, loomed over many of the sketches, but it was best confronted by Cecily Strong as Claire from HR, who joined Weekend Update’s Colin Jost to administer a quick sexual harassment quiz.


Image via NBC

Where the cold open reflected the cynical side of these depressing and terrifying events, Strong’s bit, which you can watch below reflected the potent rage and unending sadness that these actions rehash in perpetuity for women, pretty much all of whom have dealt with this behavior in some form. Claire also seemed to be coming apart at the seems in disbelief that so many men seemingly can’t keep their dicks in their pants, a feeling which succinctly summed up the week for a portion of men and 99.9% of women.

Here’s the “Claire from HR” segment of Weekend Update: