Watch: ‘The Shape of Water’s Fishman Falls on Hard Times in Cut SNL Sketch

     April 16, 2018


Guillermo del Toro‘s The Shape of Water winning four Oscars wasn’t just a big win for The Others among us, but also for Fishpeople in particular. The merfolk, as they were traditionally known, had been living below the radar and beneath the surface for centuries before the romance movie brought them into the spotlight. Now, as more and more fishfolk attempt to make it big in Hollywood, they’re struggling along with everyone else to make it out in La La Land. Even for the famous fishman of del Toro’s award-winning film, fame is fleeting and success is always just out of reach.

At least, that’s the premise for a sketch that didn’t quite make the airwaves for this last round of NBC’s Saturday Night Live; the variety show’s bit was cut for time. In it, Kyle Mooney and host John Mulaney take on the roles of fishpeople attempting to succeed in Hollywood by any means necessary. Oh, and Adam Driver makes a guest appearance if that does anything for you.

Check out the bit below:

After retiring from acting, The Shape of Water’s Fish Man (Kyle Mooney) watches his friend (John Mulaney) succeed in his place.

Take a look at some of the other sketches to appear (or not) on recent episodes of Saturday Night Live below:


Image via Fox Searchlight