Every Dang ‘SNL’ Season Is Coming to Peacock

     September 25, 2020


Have you, like me, ever been going about your day like normal, until you have a sudden, inescapable urge to revisit Phil Hartman‘s line delivery of “Take me with you” in the Marlon Brando-spoofing sketch of a random Saturday Night Live episode, and nothing will satiate your needs until you revisit it? Normally in this circumstance, you’d have to attack YouTube and Hulu, praying and hoping that this one random episode is included in the slate available for streaming. But soon and very soon, this process will be a lot easier. Per Variety, Peacock will stream every single damn season and episode of SNL starting October 1.


Image via NBC

SNL has been streaming on Peacock for a minute now, but only the past five seasons, scattered “best of” compilations, and the “SNL Vault” channel, which gives you a spate of the show’s best sketches in a shuffled form. And Hulu currently has seasons 1-5 and 30-45. Now, this huge Peacock offering represents the latest in the nascent streaming service’s movement toward accessibility and reasons to subscribe, after the recent move to Roku. However, the last time all SNL episodes were made streaming was on the comedy-centered channel SeeSo. And, well, we all said see ya to SeeSo. Here’s hoping Peacock giving us all the SNL we can handle doesn’t also suddenly shut them down — and here’s hoping the various years of musical performances and sketches that use licensed music are in some way shape or form available, too!

SNL in all its 45-season glory comes to Peacock October 1. And for what the new season will look like, here’s the premiere’s host and musical guest.