Watch: Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Returns to Defend His Legacy in ‘SNL’ Cold Open

     January 28, 2018


Seeing as its been going on since early 2017 and outstayed its welcome not long after that, one could be excused for being tired with Alec Baldwin‘s intermittently amusing take of President Donald Trump. It’s not even Baldwin’s fault really. All the presidential parodies got a bit tiring after awhile, whether it was Dana Carvey‘s take on George H.W. Bush or Darrell Hammond‘s version of Bill Clinton. Even arguably the best of the bunch, Will Ferrell‘s take on George W. Bush, went on for a bit too long, especially if you count the HBO special featuring the caricature.


Image via NBC

Still, it was undeniably great to see Ferrell back in the role for a quick one-off during last night’s SNL cold open. Ferrell was a welcome host and gave all his sketches the added dose of energy and whip-smart comedic timing that we’ve come to expect from him, but the Bush opener remained a pretty obvious highlight of the episode. Rather than criticize Trump, the sketch took on the emergence of Bush apologists and those who have come to regard him warmly as a competent president as compared to the unending tumult of the Trump administration. Ferrell’s Bush walks us through the greatest hits of the former Republican president in the hopes of everyone remembering that he was “terrible,” even if you weren’t constantly worried about the nukes dropping while he was in office. You can check out the full cold open right below

Ferrell appeared in The House and Daddy’s Home 2 in 2017 and has busy plans for 2018 as well. He’ll co-star in James Franco’s anticipated adaptation of Zeroville and will thankfully re-team with John C. Reilly later this year for Holmes & Watson, a send-up of the Sherlock Holmes universe. He’s also currently preparing to film an American adaptation of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Hopefully he still has time to make small appearances like this one in movies or TV, where he tends to pack in even more comedic bravado than he does in his starring roles.

Here’s the cold open from last night’s SNL: