Will Ferrell Is Thrown for a Loop by Ryan Reynolds During ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue

     November 24, 2019


Even when he’s just a casual audience member, Ryan Reynolds manages to be the most charming human on the planet. At least, that seemed to be the case when Will Ferrell took the Saturday Night Live stage for his opening monologue on Saturday evening’s broadcast and was presently surprised to find the Deadpool star in the audience.

This is Ferrell’s fifth time hosting SNL so naturally, something creative had to be done in order to make his latest hosting gig start off on a high note. In my opinion, bringing Reynolds into the mix totally succeeded. Rather than a brief cut to Reynolds for a short, stunt-y interaction, the entire monologue becomes focused on Ferrell getting thrown off his hosting game by a very nonchalant Reynolds just hoping to see some comedy. Ferrell instantly gets starstruck and can’t seem to focus. It quickly devolves into one of the most charming opening monologues in a while. Who cares if this is a bit? It’s fun! Things get even better when Tracy Morgan shows up, too, so maybe just watch the entire opening monologue and see it all unfold for yourself.

Even though Reynolds wasn’t there as part of promoting a new project, seeing the actor banter back and forth with Ferrell not only charmed but also served as a nice preview to what their chemistry will be like in their upcoming new, musical take on A Christmas Carol. Back in October, we learned Apple had won the bidding war for Ferrell and Reynolds’ A Christmas Carol. Details are still scant when it comes to what we should expect from yet another version of Charles Dickens‘ timeless tale (aside from the fact it’s a musical) but knowing that Ferrell and Reynolds will be joining forces for the first time is gonna be fun. And, if you had any doubts about it, then this recent bit of SNL tomfoolery should convince you otherwise.

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