SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN 2: Director Short List Includes Frank Darabont, Andres Muschietti, and Gavin O’Connor

     June 4, 2014


The short list for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman sequel include veteran directors Frank Darabont and Gavin O’Connor, with relative newcomer Andres Muschietti being named as well.  While Darabont’s name may be more familiar to the common movie-goer due to his work adapting and directing Stephen King stories for Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist, O’Connor has been in the feature-directing game almost as long.  However, his most notable works came in the 2000s with sports dramas Miracle and Warrior; O’Connor’s current film is the Western Jane Got a Gun.  Muschietti made a name for himself with his lone credit, the horror film Mama.  Hit the jump for more on this intriguing trio of directors.

Deadline reports that Darabont, O’Connor, and Muschietti comprise the shortlist of directors for Snow White and the Huntsman 2.  Darabont has kept busy with television of late, wearing multiple hats for The Walking Dead and Mob City, so perhaps he’s ready to get back into the features game.  O’Connor recently completed Jane Got a Gun and is already reported as being attached to helm the Tell No One remake, and the true-life adventure story Massacre in the Himalayas.  He seemed pretty jazzed about the mountain-climbing picture, but there’s no word on just which one of his projects will move into production first.  Then there’s Muschietti, who recently exited Universal’s reboot of The Mummy, citing creative differences.  His schedule appears to be clear and the studio apparently wants to keep him in house.  It remains to be seen which one will win out, but we’ll let you know when we receive the word.  


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