Universal Aiming for 2015 Release for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN 2; “Actively Working” on Next BOURNE

     April 16, 2013


Universal Pictures made its presentation to theater owners today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and Steve was onhand to get a look at what Universal has planned in the near future.  While he’ll have his recap of the footage online a bit later, we wanted to share a couple of news tidbits that were announced during the panel which include updates on the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel and the next Bourne film.  Hit the jump for more.

snow-white-and-the-huntsman-2-sequel-kristen-stewartUniversal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson hosted the studio’s presentation at CinemaCon, and he revealed that they are currently aiming to release the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman in 2015.  After the fallout from the behind-the-scenes drama on the first film and a sizeable yet unremarkable box office (at least for a film budgeted at just under $200 million) for the Rupert Sanders-directed fantasy pic, movement on the SWATH sequel has been fairly slow.  Star Kristen Stewart confirmed that she would be returning for the follow-up in December, and Fogelson affirmed just last month that Sanders would not be returning to direct.

With a possible 2015 release date looming, we should expect to hear news about a writer, director, and/or returning cast for Snow White and the Huntsman 2 soon.  If SWATH 2 does indeed meet that date, 2015 will really be one massive year for movies as The Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Finding Dory, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, The Fantastic Four, and possibly Star Wars: Episode VII are all currently slated for a 2015 release.

jeremy-renner-the-bourne-legacy-2-sequelNot dissimilar to the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, movement on a follow-up to last year’s The Bourne Legacy has been equally ambiguous.  The Jeremy Renner-fronted film failed to match the box office haul of its predecessors, but Fogelson announced today that Universal is “actively working” on another Bourne movie.  Whether that means a Renner Bourne film, a Matt Damon Bourne film, or a Renner/Damon Bourne film is unclear, but Damon has been adamant in the past about the fact that he won’t return unless director Paul Greengrass comes back to the franchise as well with a story they feel is worth telling.

Tony Gilroy wrote and directed The Bourne Legacy and made no secret of the fact that he would like to continue on with subsequent films, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of direction Universal is taking with the follow-up.


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